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Upgrading V2.0.X...

This page lists details of minor upgrades and fixes that have been released for Easy Password Manager Version 2 and above. This does not apply to users still using Version 1.

Download The Latest 2.0.X version.

Latest Version Date Released


Download Link
2.0.17 Aug 04 Minor bug fixes and enhancements Download Upgrade (1.0MB)

Upgrade Version History...

The below Detalils all the upgrades since main V2 release. If you know of any errors in EPM that are not listed on the Error Page then please let us know.

Version Date Comments
2.0.11 08 Jul. 2003 Fixed Special character Import error affecting some V1 users importing V1 databases.
2.0.12 08 Jul. 2003 Fixed Intermittent Crashing on closing EPM with Help file open.
2.0.13 12 July 2003 Fixed minor tab order problem on insert screen and inserted some extra tool tip help on preferences screen.
2.0.16 Jan 04 Various minor bug fixes and minor enhancements
Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading to the latest version of EPM V2 simply requires replacing the current EasyPasswordManager.exe file with the newly downloaded one. But for those not familar with the task this process may seem dauting. Follow the steps below (make sure EPM is not running):

1.Locate the current "EasyPasswordManager.exe" progam file on your hard disk. If you used the default location this will probably be:

C:\Program Files\Easy Password ManagerV2\EasyPasswordManager.exe

Use Windows Find if it is not there.

2. Rename this file to: EasyPasswordManager-OLD.exe

3. Move the newly downloaded EasyPasswordManager.exe to the location of the where the previous one was found.

That's it. The next time you start you will be using the latest version. Once you are happy that the upgrade was successful you can delete the "EasyPasswordManager-OLD.exe" file that was earlier renamed.

(* Requires Internet Explorer 5 or greater to get full benefit)