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FAQ - Transfer EPM to another PC...

If you need to transfer your Easy Password Manager to another PC then the quickest and easiest way of doing this is as follows:

Method 1

There is more then one way to transfer EPM from one PC to another but we will describe the easiest most commonly used method. Remember - ALWAYS make backups of your databases before making any changes.

This method is based on the fact that the old PC and the new PC have Easy Password Manager installed into he same location, therefore "C:\Program Files\Easy Password ManagerV2"

The EPM team recommend frequent backups on different media of made of your EPM data always in the event of your PC failing or similar problem.

1) Download and install the latest version of EPM onto the new PC.

2) Once installed there are effectively two folders you need to move from your old PC (where you were using EPM before) to your new PC.

3) The EPM databases are by default installed in the Easy Password Manager V2 program folder (this guide assumes this is where they are located, but if you have manually adjusted the location then extra steps will be required)

a) EPM Program folder typically located at: "C:\Program Files\Easy Password ManagerV2"

(on Vista this is also default location)

b) Contained within that folder is another folder called "databasesV2". By default this folder will contain the databases which contain password information (encrypted of course). You need to copy this folder over from your old PC to replace the databasesV2 folder that was created at time of EPM installation on your new PC.

For example, on your new PC, you might rename the databasesV2 folder that was created to databasesV2-remove

Then you copy databaseV2 from your old PC and paste it into "C:\Program Files\Easy Password ManagerV2" (assuming this is the program folder) on the new PC.

4) You then need to do the same as in step 3 but for the "EPMData". This folder contains your registration key which will be required for EPM to function on the new PC.

5) Starting EPM on your new PC should complete the transfer process.

Other Methods

There are other ways of achieving moving EPM from one PC to another and it may be necessary to use these when you have not used the default methods of

You can use the Import and Export options available from the "Manage Backups" section accessible from the Login screen. Using these options you can use the "One Button Backup" feature to backup all the databases in use. Once you have exported all your databases using the "One Button backup" feature, you can then transfer these files to your new PC.

If after installing Easy Password Manager V2 on your new PC you use the Advanced Options  from the "Manage Backups" section, you will be able to "Change Master Database" that is in use. Select the Master database from the files you transferred to your new PC and that should make your old files available on the new PC. See the help guide for more specific details on how to use the import and export features.






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