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Privacy / Security...

Why you can trust Easy Password Manager with your data:

In summary:

Easy Password Manager only stores personal data and passwords on your hard drive in encrypted format.


Easy Password Manager ONLY stores your passwords and other information locally on your PC (or network if configured this way).

All data is encrypted using industry standard encryption routines. This means without the master password that you provide the data cannot be viewed.

Encryption works by using a password to scramble the data using mathematical formulas that make it practically impossible to unscramble the data without the original password.

If an Easy Password Manager user sent us their Easy Password Manager database even we, the programmers, would not be able to decrypt the data without their master password.


What about privacy:

In summary:

Easy Password Manager does not send any information to third parties or a central server. Easy Password Manager is "Spy-ware" free.


We can assure you that Easy Password Manager takes your privacy very seriously.

Firstly your password and all other data is only stored on your local computer and no information is sent to a central server.

Also Easy Password Manager does not snoop on any of your web activities. Some software has entered the market recently that tracks the Internet websites you visit and send this information to a central server so that it can be analysed for marketing purposes. This has commonly become know as 'Spy-ware". We promise you that Easy Password Manager does not contain any Spy-ware of any form.

Also Easy Password Manager does not contain any pop up adverts. Some software applications may pop up adverts when you visit particular websites and in some cases change the adverts on other websites to adverts of their own. Easy Password Manager does not do this.

Put it to the test:

One method of confirming for your self that the above is true is to use Easy Password Manager with certain Firewall software installed. Firewall software can be configured to alert you whenever an application on your PC tries to access the Internet. If Easy Password Manager was therefore to try and access the Internet whilst you were using it, you would be informed. This will soon prove to you that Easy Password Manager makes no attempt to access the Internet.

Any questions then please email us.